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Hi! I’m Marrie!

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What I do

Show your true self

Be seen as you are

Who said a business portrait had to be beige and lifeless?? We can smile, be authentic, show our personality and our colors. In fact, it is ideal to show your true personality in your photos because your future customers will adhere to that energy. 

Business portrait packages can help you display yourself well on social networks, on your website or in your publicity material in a creative or a little more conventional way. We adapt to any type of personality, profession and type of clientele.

About me

Hi, I’m Marrie !

(sounds like Mary)

French Canadian based in Quintana Roo.

A openminded soul who sees the beauty in every person. I’m a personal brand photographer and NLP coach. (NLP coaching available upon request before your photoshoot *add-on).

I’m and empath and helping you feel good about yourself is what drives me. I can feel what you are feeling during the photoshoot so you don’t even need to speak, I can understand. 

My mission is to help women and entrepreneurs to feel pretty and can connect with their client through photographs. We communicate with our body, so I’ll make you feel good in front of the camera. 


Creating connexion through photography

Do you know the true power of your smile? The strength of your personality must be put forward and above all help you connect with your customers. Your business photos reflect who you are, show who you really are.

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Have a nice variety for your social networks and your website. In this case, you can have continuity.

  • 10 photos for your social media
  • 1h session
  • 3 kits

$225 cad

$3000 pesos

$165 usd

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A great variety for your social media, sales pages, stories and more. A beautiful range of photos can fill your online presence.

  • 25 photos
  • 2 hours session
  • 5 kits

$450 cad

$6000 pesos

$320 usd

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Milky Way

Half day of photoshoot, to create a beautiful online presence.
4 hours of photoshoot, several changes of clothes. This package helps you create a lot of photos for your social networks, website.
  • 45 photos
  • 4 hours session
  • 10 kits
  • 2 reels / tiktok video

$675 cad

$8900 pesos

$490 usd

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