Many packages photos is available

Immortalize precious family moments with the kids, your own unique love story,  a very special wedding day from start to finish or even build your professional  image.


Life, we need to appreciate every moment we are going throw, this moment happen once in your life time.



For a new corporate portrait, to create your trademark image or capture an important event for your business. It is possible to create a package that suits your needs.

Together, we will create a corporate portrait that will represent who you are and in which you will see that anyone can be photogenic, as a heartfelt smile goes a long way!

We can also put together a collection of portraits and photographs for you to use on a website, blog or any promotional material that will showcase your expertise and professionalism.

Corporate photoshoots starting at $147.00+tx

Visual universe package starting at $650.00+tx
(For more information on these packages, send me an email and I will help guide your decision.)

Corporate Events package (Golf tournaments, Photobooth, business 5a7, Christmas party) starting at $350.00+tx

More details :

Family - Couple - Maternity


Make it a family event! Get the whole family together to create fun, lasting memories for every generation. Family photoshoots can be done in the studio, in the comfort of your own home or a location of your choice.

Package from 325$+tx for 10 photos.


Make that day full of happiness and have souvenirs capture in photo!


To make your day a success, for you to have wonderful memories and when your old days arrive, you will be able to remember all this wonderful day through your photos and your album.

Package from 1600$+tx

Glamour - Sexy


A moment for yourself, a moment to grow, a moment to immortalize your journey and acceptance of yourself. Accept yourself as you are!

Package from 325$ +tx

Make-up and Hairstylist : 140$

Be Authentic
Be on your X with a visual univers that look like you!

A visual universe ….

What is it? In fact, when we are an entrepreneur, we need visual. We need pictures to do our commercials. It is also necessary to legally have these photos (it is not because it is on Google or Facebook that we have the right to use it). Most importantly, you must have photos in alignment with your company, pictures that represent who you are and what you do, not to mention the atmosphere and what you want your customers to feel when watching your ads.

The process

We meet to see your needs. We will pass through a questionnaire to target a creative process that helps me create beautiful images faithful to you and what you would like in your website. With the questionnaire, we see in detail your personality, your mission, your vision and your visual tastes.

The session

Normally, we realize the whole thing in one session but we may need 2 sessions to realize the whole. It all depends on the number of concepts we have to make and places to go to achieve the whole.